Client Testimonials

“I have been a client of Tom’s for a number of years. I was first referred to him by my mother, and he is currently representing me for my third personal injury matter.  I continue to have him represent me as he is able to provide the knowledge and legal insight for me to understand the legal aspects of my claims and to resolve them in a successful (and favorable) manner.  Further, I recommend Tom whenever I hear of someone looking for advice regarding an injury they sustained.”

Stephanie B., Vallejo, CA.


“I have known Tom for nearly 40 years and have found him to be trustworthy, intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable in personal injury matters.  Over the years, I have referred several friends and clients to Tom knowing they would be treated honestly and professionally.  When I was involved in a traffic accident some years back, it was an easy choice on who I had to represent me. Tom handled my case quickly and professionally with a positive outcome, settling for much more than I had even considered.  I continue to highly recommend Tom to this day.”

Tyler R., Walnut Creek, CA.


“My name is Elva and I am currently 90 years old. I was referred to Mr. Woelfel by my daughter, Donna, as a result of a fall I had back in January of 2009.  Mr. Woelfel was able to settle that claim without me having to go to court. I was very pleased with the outcome and I received more than I expected.  I liked the way he handled by case and found him to be a very charming and wonderful man.  Mr. Woelfel is currently representing me for a fall I had in September of 2011. I travel all the way from San Mateo to see him, as I am comfortable speaking with him and feel that he understands me and my injuries. I would recommend him to anyone having an injury claim.”

Elva E., San Mateo, CA.